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DevOps Engineer ETL / DataStage / Data Modelling

Plaatsingsdatum: 14.03.2019

The Job

Are you looking for a challenging ETL position, working with a state-of-the-art Data Lake in The Netherlands? Are you familiar with Data Stage ETL and Data Modelling? This is the job for you!

You will be joining an experienced scrum team of ETL Data Stage DevOps engineers in this high performing Data Management department. You will help them build an ambitiously high performing Data Lake making use of technologies like IBM Infosphere, PureData and Cognos. The Data Lake is fed through a myriad of sourced, and is processed and modeled by you to be accessible in a Netezza DataWareHouse. Other teams will use your work to create business intelligence reports and dashboards.

You will be responsible for the analysis of the data and the build of the physical model at the various stages of the data pipeline: Operational Status, Information Warehouse and Data Marts. The physical modelling method used in the environment is called 'Key-Version' modelling. It's a mix between relational modelling and Data Vault. You will also model our Data Marts, using the Kimball Dimensional Model method. Your activities start at anlysis and end at operations. As such you are truly a DevOps engineer!

You will be part of a very modern IT minded multinational in the northern part of The Netherlands. The whole organisation is agile minded and uses mature scrum principles. You are working with DevOps tools and methods, so good communication skills (in English) are required.

Job Requirements

To do your job, you come prepared with the following work experience:

- Data Stage ETL
- Data Modelling
- Professional Communication

Other BI, ETL and DWH experience can be an advantage, as well having some experience with Linux scripting.

The Contract

This is a temporary position for at least one year, starting as soon as possible. If it is your preference, you can be offered a permanent contract after this first year, or continue up to three years on a temporary contract. Pay is good and work hours are flexible - get in touch for details. If you are interested, let it be known by using the button below; we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.




Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe




Rein Vrins
T: (020) 5218 720
M: (06) 2730 1768

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